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SCHORN CONSULTING is a Franco-German business and export consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience in both countries.

Since these are two key nations in the European single market, it is particularly important to initiate business activity or strengthen existing activities there.

A global strategy - and especially a global action plan - are key factors of success for every company.

The German-French link is so powerful in Europe that a presence in just one of these top European markets simply isn’t enough. Competitive pressure has escalated in recent years and will continue to escalate in future. There are no more closed markets.

SCHORN CONSULTING specialises in the presentation of food and non-food consumer goods to decision makers in the retail companies‘ central purchasing departments and to potential customers and key accounts.

We offer our partners a range of services, from individually tailored components to entire packages, including product tests, store checks, strategy development, domiciliation, joint ventures and personnel recruitment. Talk to us!

SCHORN CONSULTING takes a pragmatic approach to work and, unlike some of its competitors, its experience extends beyond the theoretical and is not merely derived from public sector or other partially state-owned organisations.

Our knowledge of the cultures, customs and nuances of both countries enables us to successfully position our customers’ products in the retail sector and provides the strong foundations for our successful professional partnerships.

We’ll be happy to ‘open doors‘ for you and look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome & Bienvenue
Thomas K. H. Schorn


Are you seeking contacts with potential sales partners, wholesalers, central buying departments, in other distribution channels, with joint venture partners or the right employees?

SCHORN CONSULTING can help you to achieve your objective by putting together a package of services tailored to your specific requirements. Talk to us! We select the most suitable and practical solutions for sustained business development in the foreign market on a case-by-case basis. Our services are available both individually and in complete service packages.

Our service portfolio extends from strategy development to product tests, setting up foreign subsidiaries, the recruitment of personnel or agents and joint ventures through to product merchandising at the POS (discount, DIY and drugstore chains, commercial and mainstream food retail outlets, speciality shops, C+C etc. ). We always offer our customers a fully comprehensive service concept.

  • Pre-international expansion analysis of the company’s capacity and capabilities
  • Development strategy for the selected market
  • Market study
  • Product test
  • Sales and marketing policy definition
  • Establishment of a subsidiary
  • Sales antenna
  • Shared office
  • Independent company
  • Partner / joint venture / investment sourcing
  • Recruitment and training of personnel / representatives
  • Establishment of contacts with distributors and customers
  • Processing and logistics

At SCHORN CONSULTING you’ll meet experts from many different sectors of industry who have gained their vast experience in high-level positions at renowned companies in their respective markets and have been applying it successfully for many years.

SCHORN CONSULTING is also part of a bilateral network and has a pool of experts with proven experience in developing specific market solutions.

SCHORN CONSULTING’s consultants have a balanced age distribution, enabling the company - which is now in its second generation of experts - to uniquely combine 35 years of experience with innovation.

SCHORN CONSULTING represents 35 years of success in both Germany and France.

SCHORN CONSULTING enters into cooperation agreements to generate additional synergies. Our cooperation agreements* with both private and public sector entities support our services to ensure successful market launches. Our partners, such as bilingual notaries, lawyers and business development agencies in various regions, help SCHORN CONSULTING to satisfy all your service requirements.

The key to providing professional and effective services is an integral understanding of both countries' cultures. Each country has its own unique products, pricing, communications and distribution channels.

Our concepts for each specific market must be geared to that market’s culture. We have to accept and act on the cultural differences right from the outset if we want to achieve excellent results. Schorn Consulting is familiar with the mentalities of both countries and can promote development in both markets, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

SCHORN CONSULTING develops successful strategies within a network of international specialists.

Network & Partners
  • CO.SA.F. Import-Export, Commerce Sans Frontières, Orléans
  • German French Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Paris
  • Foreign Trade Association North Rhine Westphalia e.V., Düsseldorf
  • Marketinggesellschaft der niedersächsischen Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft e.V., Hannover
  • Food-Made in Germany e. V., Hannover
  • German French Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Paris
  • Foreign Trade Association North Rhine Westphalia e.V., Düsseldorf
  • Fédération des Entreprises et Entrepreneurs de France (FEEF), Paris
  • Club des Affaires en NRW e.V., Düsseldorf
  • Start

REWE Group presentation to members of the Fédération des Entreprises et Entrepreneurs de France (FEEF), Salon Gabriel, Paris
Presentation by Alain Caparros, CEO REWE Group
Organisation: Herbert Schorn, Thomas Schorn, Noelle Bellone (FEEF)

Contact meeting REWE - FEEF, REWE HQ, Cologne 28
FEEF members at the REWE Group headquarters
Organisation: Alain Caparros, Herbert Schorn, Thomas Schorn, Noelle Bellone (FEEF)

Presentation in collaboration with the German-French Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Paris

“The French Retail Sector”
“French Retail Processes and Customs”

at an event called “The French Market - Opportunities for Consumer Goods and Food Manufacturers” organised by the Rhine-Neckar Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Mannheim International Division / Enterprise Europe Network

Round table,Düsseldorf State Parliament
Quo Vadis Europe? - The Significance of German-French Trade Relations
Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, former President of France
Konrad Adenauer, grandchild of former German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer †
Elmar Brok, MEP, Brussels
Jean-Paul Picaper, journalist and author
In cooperation with: City of Düsseldorf, NRW Foreign Trade Association, Düsseldorf
Sponsored by:
Air France, German-French Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Paris, French Consulate General, Dusseldorf, NRW-Invest, Renault, Société Générale, Total

02 2011
Presentation in cooperation with the German-French Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Paris
France - Third Largest Organic Market in the EU
At “Food Forum - Global Growth Markets for the Food Industry and the Food Retail Industry” organised by the Chamber of Industry & Commerce Hanover, International Division, German Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Consumer Protection and Regional Development and the Lower Saxony Agriculture and Food Industries’ Marketing Association


In 1980 Herbert Schorn decided to become a consultant to French SMEs in Germany. He put together a comprehensive portfolio of all the services that a French company needs in connection with exporting its products to Germany and vice-versa.

In September 1989 Herbert Schorn teamed up with what was at that time the third-largest banking group in France (CIC - Credit Industriel de Commerce) to open a consultancy office in Krefeld. The bank then appointed Herbert Schorn as its authorised representative and his client base was extended to include the bank’s customers.

In 1999 Thomas Schorn joined the Franco-German consultancy firm as consultant to Roche Bobois International. From 2000 to mid-2003 his role was Managing Director in Germany.

From 2003 until Herbert Schorn’s death, father and son worked together on the development of concepts, positioning and marketing of French consumer products in Germany and German consumer products in France.

Today, the SCHORN CONSULTING’s partners’ brands and own labels are stocked by all significant retail companies in Germany and Austria.

In Germany and Austria:

Spar / Interspar



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